Monday, November 1, 2010



What motivates us? What drives us to change? What pushes us to move forward rather than stay in the quicksand of life?

Some of us are motivated by negativity. Such as; take a before picture and stand naked in front of the bathroom mirror and jump up and down (I refer to this as the Jell-O- test) no jiggle ; it’s a good thing).

I myself don’t believe in negatively motivated change. It tends to have an adverse effect that transfers through to all the positives that you are doing towards your health. As in “Yeah, I’m going to the gym---I have to! Now how can that attitude be helpful towards reaching one’s goals?

What we need to remember is that motivation is the spark. It’s the start. Your life WILL get in the way. Your child will get sick, tough times will happen, work pressures will happen, financial stress will happen and it doesn’t happen to just you; it’s called life. The spark will not always be lit on the tough days. Just remember it’s always easier to NOT. It’s always easier to buy packaged food, it’s always easier to sleep in, and it’s always easier to wait until tomorrow.

Sometimes you need to just do! There will be days that you have just barely made it to the gym. There will be days that you need to cut your work-out short. There will be days that you feel like a slug but you are here! GOOD FOR YOU!!! Remember fitness is a “life”style not a season. Fitness is what you need to do to stay healthy. Three times a week is a basic health requirement. Make it happen. Don’t rely on a burst of energy and/or enthusiasm every time to get you to the gym – that is not reality. Do we get excited about making dinner each nigh?! Heck no! But we do it. Get yourself into the habit of planning your week and workouts and then make it happen.

Put one foot in front of the other each and every day. Don’t wait until Monday, don’t wait until tomorrow because you’ve already “blown the diet” today --- start NOW, this minute! This is your life. Make it count, and do something towards your health each and every day.

Lori Nicholls
BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
Delta Personal Training
(604) 721 8792

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